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10 Lodges With The Best Waterhole Views

There is nothing quite like sitting quietly watching as the animals of Africa come down to a waterhole to drink. So what better position for a safari lodge than to overlook an active waterhole? Ever-changing and giving good insight into the hierarchy of the bush, it allows for some incredible photo ops too. Baby elephants frolicking at the water's edge, impala drinking nervously, while a lion watches from below a nearby bush. A kudu arrives, its ears flicking and nostrils testing the air for danger. A giraffe bends down impossibly to sip from the waterhole. Priceless! At these ten lodges, you've got a superb view of the waterhole.

How Uganda emerged from chaos to become a tourist destination once more

Fifty years ago Uganda was the "Pearl of Africa," a newly independent republic with a thriving economy, a functioning democracy and splendid national parks.

It was the place to take a safari holiday -- floating down the crocodile-flanked Nile, fishing on Lake Victoria, wandering among the elephant herds of Queen Elizabeth National Park or listening to the roar of mighty Murchison Falls.

On the Ark in Kenya

The baby rhino is losing. I think. It’s a little hard to figure the rules for sure, but the baby African buffalo does seem to have the upper hand. Hoof. The two stand a couple feet apart, staring at each other. Behind them, their mothers look on with the kind of indifference of mothers everywhere who see their kids playing a harmless game.